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Exhibitor Quotes


Cao Yu Jin, Chief Manager from INS Korea

We came from INS Korea, specialize in nail products.

We will bring more new products to participate this show next year.





Coco Yang, Chairman of Shanghai Dumi Trade Co. Ltd. ;
Founder of Love Eyelash;Founder of Mimi Nail Design

“Thank you for the organizer of China International Nail Expo, Beijing, by definitely bringing us a lot of distinctive services which are reflected by the well-organized professional management. The customers feel exceptionally pleasant with the show.

From every fine detail, the thoughtfulness to every customer, the construction of overall exhibition, we do feel the great sincerity from this organizer from Hong Kong. Many thanks to this. 

As the spokesperson of Dumi, we will join the show next year. Hope to see you. Thank you.

Lei Li Hong, Deputy Manager of Candy Paint Nail School

We mainly sell Japanese high-end nail products. We deal with the products such as Japan Vetro which is very popular, Japan Sha-Nail Pro stickers, Nail Parfait nail polish and gel.

So far, we are very satisfied with the show result. Yesterday, the entire show was full of good news.

We are very satisfied with the great support from the organizer. The promotion and overall advertising of the fair is very influential.

We hope that the organizer can continue its promotional effort like this year.

We will work hard and co-ordinate with the organizer. We will continue to participate this show next year. See you next year!

Mu Da Wei, General Manager of “Naildaka”

“Our company mainly brings series of nail gel polish products to participate this show.

This show like what you see, the fairground is crowded, which is far beyond our expectation. Our prime objective is to reach more nail salon owners. This show does fulfill our objective.

We hope that this show will continue next year and more successful next year. We will participate this show next year. We also hope more of you can come to join together for making the industry having a more professional trade platform in the northern China.”




Wang Xin Yu, CEO of Shenyang XinYuXin Nail Art School

This time we bring OMD from Japan to exhibit in this show.

In the future, we will consider and continue to join the “China International Nail Expo, Beijing”.

We also wish the future development of the show becomes better and better, to allow more “little fellows” from the industry to keep in touch with more high-end international nail products.

Koji Kawamoto, President of Natural Field Supply, Inc.

We came from Natural Field Supply, Inc. in Japan.

Although this is the first time to participate, lots of visitors come to our booth to understand our products, we are very satisfied with the result.

We have already reserved the booth space next year.

We hope this show continues success. We look forward to have more visitors and higher show reputation.

We will also participate in this show in the future. Thank you.

Rachel Song, General Manager of NailYolliAnge

“We are NailYolliAnge, the China agent of Nail Labo and high-end Japanese eyelash brand – Ladycoco. Our main business includes nail art training, nail products and nail salon. We are very happy to attend this show.

Although this is the first time to exhibit, the result of this expo comes beyond our expectation. Thank you for the organizer to arrange so many intimate services such as VIP service, as well as the main stage to us for our nail art demonstration.

We are very satisfied with the show result, we will continue to support and join this show next year. We hope the scale of the show will get even bigger, which will attract more high-end customers to visit and know about our brands and products.”


Liu Jin Peng, General Manager of Beijing Unitech Trading Co. Ltd.

This time we participate the “China International Nail Expo, Beijing”, is mainly to promote the application of Swarovski crystal on nail art industry.

This show is very professional, which gathers and brings us all of the high-end overseas brands. Salon owners need not travel long way to Japan, and they can reach the nail artists and Japanese nail products at a close range in Beijing.

This time the show provides us the opportunities of convenience. We will continue to participate the show next year. And we will bring more latest products and give you an “awesomer” presentation next year.



Shen Lin, CEO of MMJ STD, CEO of Hong Kong Fulin Limited

“We are from a Japanese eyelash brand – Miss Eye D’or. From the whole exhibiting process, we are mostly impressed by the visitor flow, which is a lot more visitors than we expected. The service is very personalized and the show is very decent. This time, we are mainly exhibiting the most famous Japan brands. Our Japan brand executives and Japan nailists are delighted with the show.

Next year, we – Miss Eye D’or will continue to exhibit as the visitor flow of the expo is far beyond our expectation and also the very personalized management. We will definitely continue to exhibit in this show next year.”


Fiona Wang, General Manager of Cutie Nails Academy

“I’m Fiona from Beijing Cutie Nails Academy. This time our major exhibiting brands are Gracia from Korea, Japanese eyelash brand – Foula. We are the sole agents in China of these two brands. We have other products like Pisaray from US, and Swarovski crystals, we are also official agent.

The show really gives us a lot of surprises this time. From outside to the exhibition hall, we can see that each booth is very crowded. There are famous, masters from Korea and Japan for the demonstration at the their own booths.

Besides, there is Nail Art Contest which gives us very good experiences.

If there is such kind of exhibition next year, I believe there will be definitely more people to join. We will also have better preparation next year and bring more good quality products to the show next year.”