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Visitor Quotes


Nail Raven from Japan

I came from Nail Raven in Japan, which specializes in nail gel polish and crystals.

We are very surprised that there are so many Japanese visitors coming to this fair and so many Japanese brands participate here.

We are very happy to see that Japanese culture can be continuously introduced to China.



Chen Yan Li, Nail Shop Owner of “Zhi Jian Nail Shop” Beijing

There are more variety and design in nail art than the past. And I can see many overseas designs which look very good.

I hope to have more such kind of exhibitions, so that those people not having time to travel can also purchase overseas products in China.

I will visit the show next year, hope the show be better and better.



Tashing Greey, Poochiez Nails from United States

“My name is Poochiez, I’m in Beijing. My husband and I are visiting China International Nail Expo.

I hope to make some good connections and new products for the United States.

I’m so excited to be here, long way travel 16 hours to come to here, but I think it is worthy.”



Jin Zhe, Nail Shop Owner of “Hua Yang Nail Shop”, BaoDing, Hebei

I came from a nail shop in Hebei, China. I’m very happy to attend the “China International Nail Expo, Beijing.

I’m very satisfied with the result of this show. I have learnt a lot of things, and purchased many products as well.

I hope the show will be better and better. Hope more brands to participate next year. Thanks for giving me this chance to attend the show.



Zhai Li, Marketing Manager of Shanghai Mei Wen Information Technology Co. Ltd.

“Hello, I came from a beauty technology company in Shanghai.

Today I meet a lot of beauty related customers.

I look forward to have such kind of exhibition next year. I will definitely attend the show next year.