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China International Nail Expo, Beijing - International Nail & Eyelash Brands



The China International Nail Expo, Beijing 2023 will be the fourth edition to be held in Beijing, China since debuted in 2017.  Based on the overwhelming success in the past editions that the expo is proved as the right gateway to link-up and expand the international business market.  We will persist our promise to keep the quality of the expo by assurance and join forces with the existing and new exhibitors to achieve another new milestone!

Why Exhibit?

Nail and eyelash salons are popular in China that most of the beauties will pay visit to those salons on a regular basis.  Thus, the salon owners are required to replenish their stocks and keep their eyes open to the latest trend designs so that they can provide more choices of selection to their valuable customers.  To source at the exposition is also one of the fastest channels while most of the brands from local and international suppliers are featured.

In 2022, more overseas exhibitors from Europe, USA and Asian countries are expected to participate that local exhibitors can place orders to overseas exhibitors while overseas exhibitors could expand their business in the China market.  Further, local salon owners are also eager to see more overseas brands so that they can source and purchase those brands to upgrade their service menu in serving their valuable customers.

That will be win-win-win solution to both parties!

Prime Time

In every year, Christmas and the Chinese New Year are the peak buying seasons that the Expo is the most significant trading platform for the nails and eyelashes salon owners to replenish and take stocks to provide varieties and choices of selection to their valuable customers. In the traditional Chinese culture, meticulously dressed to attend festive events are prioritised. To keep abreast of the trend is not only rely to the fashion while beautiful nude or coloured nails and matches with sharp eyelashes to the window of the soul are enabled ladies to highlight their respective unique styles and personalities. In addition, the expo also provides the invaluable learning opportunity for manicurists and eyelash stylist to learn from overseas experts on the latest design and technologies.

Professional buyers from China sourcing the nail art & eyelash products on-siteProfessional buyers of Nail Salon from China sourcing the nail gel productsProfessional buyers of Nail Salon from China sourcing the nail accessories
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Termination of Collaboration with 柏美 (北京)展覽有限公司 in Beijing

To Esteemed Exhibitors and Visitors:

We write to formally apprise you of substantial developments pertaining to the collaborative engagement between BMG Exhibition Co Ltd and 柏美 (北京)展覽有限公司 in Beijing. This advisory serves as official notification of the immediate cessation of our collaborative endeavors, an action undertaken by the authorized representative of BMG Exhibition Co Ltd, following a scrupulous and legally compliant process.

In the matter of legal significance, BMG Exhibition Co Ltd, through its duly appointed representative, emphatically asserts its legal autonomy and independence from any activities, events, operations, or undertakings executed by 柏美 (北京)展覽有限公司, an entity headquartered in Beijing. We underscore that such activities, regardless of their geographical location, are categorically distinct from the former BMG Exhibition Co Ltd, which has duly completed its deregistration in 2023 in conformity with the prescribed legal formalities under Hong Kong law.

Regarding the China International Nail Expo, Beijing, BMG Exhibition Co Ltd unequivocally affirms that it is no longer involved in any capacity. This decision is a direct consequence of the 2023 deregistration of BMG Exhibition Co Ltd and the formal dissolution of our collaborative endeavors with 柏美 (北京)展覽有限公司.

Of utmost significance is our unwavering commitment to ensure the successful execution of refunds to international exhibitors who had made booth fee payments directly to BMG Exhibition Co Ltd for the China International Nail Expo, Beijing 2021. BMG Exhibition Co Ltd expresses its deep appreciation for the trust placed in us by these exhibitors. Acting in full compliance with the legal framework, BMG Exhibition Co Ltd, through its duly appointed representative, has diligently fulfilled its responsibilities. We are pleased to announce the comprehensive and lawful conclusion of the refund process, which has been successfully completed and exclusively applies to those international exhibitors with verifiable documentation of their prior transactions with the former BMG Exhibition Co Ltd bank account, meeting all required legal prerequisites.

The decision to terminate our collaboration with 柏美 (北京)展覽有限公司 is rooted in our commitment to formalize the separation of BMG Exhibition Co Ltd from any further engagement. By taking this action, we clarify and formalize the separation between the two entities and acknowledge the cessation of our previous collaborative relationship.

In anticipation of potential queries or uncertainties stemming from this development, we wish to assure you of our readiness to provide authoritative clarity and official support throughout this transitional phase. Your cooperation and comprehension during this period carry profound significance and are deeply valued.

Disclaimer: This statement is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute any legal admission of liability or wrongdoing by BMG Exhibition Co Ltd or its duly authorized representative.

We remain resolutely dedicated to the principled delivery of our services to the exhibition industry, firmly grounded in adherence to the highest standards of legality and professionalism.

Yours sincerely,

Joe Ho
Authorized Representative of BMG Exhibition Co Ltd
November 7, 2023