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China International Nail Expo, Beijing - Professional Nail & Eyelash Tradeshow

Fair Profile

Fair Profile

China International Nail Expo, Beijing
Your Springboard to Step into the Global Market

Organised by a professional fair organising team – the fourth edition of the China International Nail Expo, Beijing will be held from Dec 20-22, 2023 at the China National Convention Center, Beijing. The expo will feature over 150 local and international mid to high-quality nail and eyelash brands include nail art products, nail polish and gel, nail caring products, eyelash extension products, packaging and tools and training schools on nail and eyelash in order to provide the great platform for industry players to keep abreast of the latest trends and captures the market pulse and conduct business orders on the spot.

In China, regardless of young chic maidens, office ladies or celebrities, they are nowadays concerning their better quality of life and will dress up properly daily and go to the beauty salon regularly to make-up their colorful nails and extend their sharp lashes. Thus, the nail and eyelash market are rapidly boosted and is steadily developing among the local sales and export markets. The consuming market in mainland China specially in nails and eyelash industry are remained strong annual growth and market share contributes up to 19% among the entire beauty industry and the totality of potential growth could be infinite!

Fair Date: Dec 20 - 22, 2023
Venue: Halls 5 & 6
China National Convention Center, Beijing
Address: No. 7, Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100105, China
Admission: Trade buyers only

* Pre-registration is recommended in order to avoid long line queuing onsite

Your Prime Choice – China
There are signs of global economy downturn in recent years though, however, the consuming market in mainland China specially in nails and eyelash industry are remained strong annual growth.

Ideal Host City - Beijing
As the capital city of China, Beijing is well-developed into the region’s core trading hub. Beijing is one of the most important financial centers in China that attracts more than 100 Fortune 500 businesses to base in Beijing including sectors in financial, media, information technology, consulting and services.

Ideal Business Environment
Beijing’s proximity to major population centers in China has made her as an ideal gateway to various potential markets. Beijing’s well-developed infrastructure and comprehensive business facilities also make the city a great springboard for the nail and eyelash industries.

Professional Buyers – Nail Salon Owner from IndiaProfessional Buyers – Eyelash Salon Owner from Russia Professional Buyers – Eyelash Salon Owner from Europe
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Termination of Collaboration with 柏美 (北京)展覽有限公司 in Beijing

To Esteemed Exhibitors and Visitors:

We write to formally apprise you of substantial developments pertaining to the collaborative engagement between BMG Exhibition Co Ltd and 柏美 (北京)展覽有限公司 in Beijing. This advisory serves as official notification of the immediate cessation of our collaborative endeavors, an action undertaken by the authorized representative of BMG Exhibition Co Ltd, following a scrupulous and legally compliant process.

In the matter of legal significance, BMG Exhibition Co Ltd, through its duly appointed representative, emphatically asserts its legal autonomy and independence from any activities, events, operations, or undertakings executed by 柏美 (北京)展覽有限公司, an entity headquartered in Beijing. We underscore that such activities, regardless of their geographical location, are categorically distinct from the former BMG Exhibition Co Ltd, which has duly completed its deregistration in 2023 in conformity with the prescribed legal formalities under Hong Kong law.

Regarding the China International Nail Expo, Beijing, BMG Exhibition Co Ltd unequivocally affirms that it is no longer involved in any capacity. This decision is a direct consequence of the 2023 deregistration of BMG Exhibition Co Ltd and the formal dissolution of our collaborative endeavors with 柏美 (北京)展覽有限公司.

Of utmost significance is our unwavering commitment to ensure the successful execution of refunds to international exhibitors who had made booth fee payments directly to BMG Exhibition Co Ltd for the China International Nail Expo, Beijing 2021. BMG Exhibition Co Ltd expresses its deep appreciation for the trust placed in us by these exhibitors. Acting in full compliance with the legal framework, BMG Exhibition Co Ltd, through its duly appointed representative, has diligently fulfilled its responsibilities. We are pleased to announce the comprehensive and lawful conclusion of the refund process, which has been successfully completed and exclusively applies to those international exhibitors with verifiable documentation of their prior transactions with the former BMG Exhibition Co Ltd bank account, meeting all required legal prerequisites.

The decision to terminate our collaboration with 柏美 (北京)展覽有限公司 is rooted in our commitment to formalize the separation of BMG Exhibition Co Ltd from any further engagement. By taking this action, we clarify and formalize the separation between the two entities and acknowledge the cessation of our previous collaborative relationship.

In anticipation of potential queries or uncertainties stemming from this development, we wish to assure you of our readiness to provide authoritative clarity and official support throughout this transitional phase. Your cooperation and comprehension during this period carry profound significance and are deeply valued.

Disclaimer: This statement is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute any legal admission of liability or wrongdoing by BMG Exhibition Co Ltd or its duly authorized representative.

We remain resolutely dedicated to the principled delivery of our services to the exhibition industry, firmly grounded in adherence to the highest standards of legality and professionalism.

Yours sincerely,

Joe Ho
Authorized Representative of BMG Exhibition Co Ltd
November 7, 2023